Discovering the artist's heart within me began at a young age while growing up in
rural Pennsylvania and delving into watercolor painting and any kind of art I could
get my child-size hands on. I quickly learned that I l-o-v-e color and lots of it. Whether
the color is in perfect chromatic order or bright pops, it inspires, draws, excites, and
brings my spirit to life. It’s what I see when I close my eyes and what I remember
when I walk away. Color and texture across a canvas are the heart and soul of my
love for visual art.

I am a woman of artistic variety, working in oils, acrylics and watercolors, and enjoy
creating abstracts, realistic still-life’s and landscapes, murals and even fun patterns.
Nature stirs me and while I may depict a minute detail of real-life in one painting, I will
portray a nature-inspired abstract color combination in another. I want my work to
showcase beauty, color, and in some cases, share a story.

Currently living and working in central Indiana, I draw inspiration from artists who use
bold colors and shapes such as Wolf Kahn, Emily Mason, Mark Rothko, Henri Matisse,
Paul Cézanne, Georgia O’Keefe and Susan Hodgin.
Kristin Whitney
gallery hours:
monday - thursday, 10:00a - 5:00p
friday - saturday,  10:00a - 8:00p  (2nd saturday, 10:00a - 9:00p)
sunday 12:00p - 5:00p
address: 111 west main street, suite 135, carmel, indiana  46032  (NEW LOCATION!)
phone: 317-844-2388 or 888-299-3659